Live to Exercise and Exercise to Live

In Uncategorized on August 8, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Yes!  It is very important to me that my patients exercise.  Chiropractic is only one part of a healthy lifestyle.  A very important part, but exercise is also a must.  Exercise to me means just some type of physical activity for about 30 minutes three days a week.   That could mean just walking the neighborhood or strolling the mall.  Easy…. Getting the body moving improves every system of the body. My exercise of choice, right now, is Zumba and walking my neighborhood.  Zumba is not only fun, I meet a ton of people, and I get to work on my dance moves; these moves need some improving. My children love the neighborhood walks, they play as we stroll and get to poke fun at the neighborhood dogs.   Just knowing that my body improves as I exercise is one motivation for me.  I am not getting any younger, numerically, but I can get better with age…CHEESE

As I exercise, the condition of my muscles are getting a much-needed boost.  The heart is a very important muscle and its condition means everything to me.  I count on its good health daily for one ultimate reason; it makes me a better mom.  Being healthy is a fantastic journey, but when it allows me to spend time on the playground being  a fun mom, it  is worth the trip.

My children enjoy their active mom.  I am no spectator;  I swing, slide and climb.  Just last week my daughter and I scaled that indoor playground at a restaurant while on vacation.  It may have seemed weird to the other moms but we were having the time of our lives.  Strength to play and longevity are my goals in this health quest.

My great-grandmother is ninety-nine years old and going strong.  I only hope to be in her shoes.  She often talks about how she worked in the fields to take care of her family.  Her busy active lifestyle, I know is one of the reasons that she is still with us. 

Living longer and getting the most out of life includes exercising.  Get started today.  Happy Playing!


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